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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” Assignment Solution

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The Birthmark

In this article the author discusses the contrast of science and “magic” in Hawthorne’s short story The Birthmark . “Thorough analysis reveals that the magic of poetic imagination is of the sort that W.H. Auden has in view when he acknowledges that in the physical world “poetry makes nothing happen.” However, Hawthorne helps readers see that in the world of the spirit, this poetic magic works marvels as it helps us to cherish the world as it is.” 2. Lagay, F. (1908, ). “Hawthorne’s ‘The Birthmark’: Is There a Post-Romantic Lesson for the ‘Men of Science’?” Journal of Ethics | American Medical Association, American Medical Association, 1 Aug. Retrieved October 2, 2021, This article breaks down the short story and then asks the question does the tale of Aylmer’s hubris hold any lesson for contemporary readers or physicians—other than “don’t treat family members”? It also comments on natural beauty vs moral worth. “Does the tale of Aylmer’s hubris hold any lesson for contemporary readers or physicians—other than “don’t treat family members”? I think it does. Hawthorne meant for his readers to disapprove of Aylmer’s attempt to master nature. Today’s readers disapprove of Aylmer also but probably not for that reason.” 3. William Anderson (School work helper Editorial Team), “Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Birthmark: Analysis,” in School Work Helper, 2019, This article is a breakdown and analysis of the short story with some added commentary on what the the writer believes Hawthorne was referring to. “It could be said that there is more than one theme in this deep story, but the one that will probably stand out to the reader is the foolishness of striving for perfection. Hawthorne implies that perfection can only be found in the province of heaven, not on the earth.” ————————————————————————– For your final project, choose an author and work(s) to explore further. Your paper should focus on one British or American nature writer covered in this course, his or her specific literary work(s), the themes explored that week, and the literary elements the author used to express himself or herself. The chosen writer should be one of the authors covered in this course, and the work(s) you choose to focus on may be one of the works covered in the course or another work by the same author. For example, Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” is a reading in this course and may be used for this paper, but it is also acceptable to use Jack London’s White Fang or The Call of the Wild. In your analysis, you should specifically look to connect the work(s) to the theme discussed in your readings that week. You will analyze the author’s use of literary elements related to the theme and its connection to nature. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:  Literary elements accurately depict aspect(s) of nature of the author’s specific text with a specific focus on the representation of the author’s style, theme, and/or content The Birthmark  An analysis of the work and the themes explored in the course with insight to the meaning/significance of the overall work(s)  Research that incorporates at least three scholarly resources that reflect depth and breadth of research  Ideas that are organized clearly  Proper display of writing mechanics and MLA formatting/citations ———————————————————————– Topics from the course: How do Hardy, Yeats, and Frost each portray nature as communicating something to the poet? ———————————————————————— Diversity and Universality in Nature ———————————————————————— London’s “To Build a Fire” The Birthmark To what extent does nature or man determine what happens in “To Build a Fire”? In addition, from what point of view is London’s story told, and how accurately does this point of view reflect nature? ———————————————————————— Hawthorne’s work presents the idea that nature should not be approached only through rational means, but also through a spiritual connection. Many of Dickinson’s poems address scientific topics and themes using the imagination. Discuss how the connection of nature to science, spirituality and imagination appears in the works you have read this week. Give examples from the readings to support your ideas. ——————————————————————–The Birthmark Read “The Old People” by William Faulkner, and review the module resources. Then, in an initial post, discuss the role that animals, people, and blood lineage occupies in the natural world. What connections do you see among these elements in Faulkner’s work? ——————————————————————–The Birthmark How does Coleridge portray the natural world before and after the Ancient Mariner shoots the albatross in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”? Is there a major change? What is the major similarity between Coleridge’s and Faulkner’s portrayal of the natural world? What is the major difference between their portrayals?

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